Thursday, June 30, 2016

Don't Skip Meals!

I see this quite often in my coaching practice.
It’s common for people to think that when they skip a meal, they are ‘saving’ calories.   What happens though is it backfires! By mid-afternoon or early evening, they’re starving, and then they feel like they have no ‘will power.’  Our body needs fuel in the form of food to function, so when it’s deprived, it screams out for what it needs – food!  Willpower is no match, and then you end up feeling guilty.  Skipping meals sets you up for failure and feeling guilty.

Eat 3 meals a day and healthy snacks when needed. Or better yet have 6 small meals throughout the day! You’ll notice you get through the day with more energy, and when you plan your meals out during the day, you can make healthier choices.  It’s much easier to make unhealthy choices when you need to eat something now, and you just grab the closest thing you can find.

Plan ahead and be sure not to skip meals and you’re sure to notice a difference in how you feel and will usually end up eating fewer calories during the day.

Here are some tips to help you to stop skipping meals:
  1. Stock your pantry (keep staples stocked to take out guesswork of making meals)
  2. Carry snacks with you (keep healthy snacks at the office and in the car)
  3. Create menus (know what you're eating ahead of time)
  4. Keep recipes simple
  5. Shop in the frozen aisle (you'll always have veggies and fruits that can be used quickly without worrying about them spoiling too quick)

What can you do this week to be sure you don’t skip meals?

Happy Thursday!


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