Monday, June 13, 2016

Affirmation Monday! Being Patient with Yourself

If you have goals you are trying to reach, sometimes it can be difficult to have patience with yourself. Most often we are hardest on ourselves and do not allow the proper time for goals to become a reality (this often ends up leading to giving up or giving in because we think we should be further along with something than we are.)

If you are working towards a goal that you know is a part of the journey God has for you, then having patience with yourself on the journey is a must (also it shows that we are trusting God and trusting His timing, which always is better than our own.)

Speak out todays affirmations throughout the week and use the power of your tongue to help yourself (rather than hindering yourself with pessimism and negativity!) Don't forget your self-discovery questions below!

  • I am patient with myself when setting goals.
  • I love the challenge of setting a goal and working towards achieving it. I feel inspired to dig deep and call on my strongest attributes, especially when the goal seems particularly difficult to achieve. I know I am capable of all things through Christ who strengthens me, and that is more than enough to push me forward.
  • When setting goals, I am sure to be patient with myself. I admit it is easy to get excited at the thought of attaining something important to me, but I remind myself that everything happens in God's perfect time.
  • I take a realistic approach when looking at goal-setting. I take an introspective look at my situation and honestly identify the factors that could prevent attainment of the goal in the time I would want it.
  • I accept the opposing factors and pray in order to develop a game plan to conquer them.
  • I achieve my goals more easily when I break them down into tangible pieces. This approach allows me to exercise patience as I focus on the smaller steps along the way to success. I also maintain my patience by setting a realistic timeline for attaining each step.
  • Today, I know that my goals are easily within reach because I have an effective strategy for achieving them. I am both capable and deserving of the goodness of life, earned for me by Jesus' sacrifice. With patience, I am certain that I can achieve them in due time. 

Self-Reflection Questions:

1.    Can outside factors affect my self-confidence and cause me to doubt my ability to achieve a goal?
2.    Do I help my co-workers with realistic goal-setting?
3.    Am I doing anything that gets in the way of achieving a goal?

Have a wonderful Monday!


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